The Best Cabinet Beds in Canada

The Best Cabinet Beds in Canada

What are The Best Cabinet Beds in Canada?

Canada's big. We've got big forests, big mountains, and big cities. But inside our homes, especially in apartments, space is often tight. That's where cabinet beds come in handy. These modern, space-saving wonders are the perfect sleep solutions for those who want a good night’s rest but also want to save on space. If you're in Canada and considering a cabinet bed for your place, here's everything you need to know!

Why Consider a Cabinet Bed?

Space-saving beds Canada
Let's be honest. We all love having guests over, but what do you do when there's no guest room? That's where cabinet beds shine! They're real space savers. You can transform your living room into a bedroom in a jiffy. And when you wake up? Fold it back, and voila, it’s like the bed was never there! But it's not just about space. Canadian furniture trends show that many of us are opting for multi-functional furniture. And why not? They're not just practical but also super stylish. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, these top-rated cabinet beds fit right in.

What to Look for in a Cabinet Bed?

Murphy cabinet beds Canada
Alright, so you're sold on the idea. But what should you look for when buying the best cabinet beds in Canada? First, consider the material. Hardwood cabinet beds are popular because they're durable. Next, think about the design. Modern cabinet beds? Traditional ones? There's something for everyone. Don't forget the mattress quality. After all, a bed should be comfy, right? Lastly, check out reviews. Customer testimonials can guide you to trusted cabinet bed suppliers. Oh, and if you’re eco-conscious, look out for eco-friendly cabinet beds too!

Where Can You Get Them?

Affordable cabinet beds Canada
So you're ready to buy. But where should you look? There are many cabinet bed stores in Canada, both online and offline. Some might offer deals, while others might boast the best quality. It's wise to compare. Look for places that offer delivery in Canada, especially if you’re shopping online. Remember to also check the warranty. It’s always good to have that extra peace of mind. And if you're on a budget, don’t worry. There are affordable cabinet bed options out there that don’t skimp on quality.

Making the Most of Your Cabinet Bed

Quality cabinet beds in Canada
Once you've got your new bed, there's still more to learn! Cabinet beds are more than just a place to sleep. They offer storage solutions too. So, you can stash away extra pillows, blankets, or even books. Assembly can seem daunting, but many come with easy tips and guides. And if you're ever looking to switch things up, there are various bed cabinet combos to try out. It’s all about being creative and making the most of your space.

Our Recommendations

The Olivia Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed With Mattress

Olivia Cabinet Bed Canada

This bed is more than just a place to rest—it’s a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Hailing from the renowned Murphy beds Canada collection, the Olivia Queen Murphy Bed stands out with its elegant hardwood construction. This durable beauty isn't just for show; it promises longevity that's backed by a substantial 10-year warranty on the cabinet and a 3-year warranty on its tri-fold memory foam mattress.

But there’s more than just its looks and durability. Convenience is key here. This bed comes with an included memory foam mattress, ensuring you get comfort without the added hassle of finding a separate mattress that fits. The design is innovative too. Unlike many other beds in its category, the Olivia doesn’t require wall attachment, giving you the freedom to place it wherever suits your space best.

Concerned about the assembly? Don't be. The bed has been designed with the user in mind, boasting easy-to-follow paper and video instructions that promise a hassle-free setup.

Moreover, being part of the Cabinet Beds Canada collection, the Olivia Queen Murphy Bed is in esteemed company. Whether you’re seeking cabinet beds, horizontal murphy beds, wall beds, bed cabinets, or any other murphy bed variations, this collection ensures top-notch quality in a range of sizes, from queen to double. The Olivia is not just a product—it's an experience in comfort, style, and utility. And it's our top pick for those wanting to invest in space-saving luxury.

Can purchase here: Olivia Cabinet Bed With Mattress

The Heidi Horizontal Murphy Bed

Heidi Horizontal Murphy Bed

The Heidi horizontal murphy bed, with its pristine white finish, is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement. Tailored for modern living spaces, it's the dream addition to bedrooms, guest rooms, or even home offices. While most murphy beds are vertical, Heidi's horizontal design is a game-changer. This orientation eliminates the need for substantial vertical clearance, making it fit effortlessly into rooms with varying ceiling heights.

What truly sets it apart is its design, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Its secure piston mechanism on both sides ensures that you can smoothly and safely open or close the bed. A simple pull on the handle, a flip of the legs, and your bed is ready for use, with the mattress held firmly in place.

Its key features elevate it further. Unlike many other murphy beds, the Heidi allows for a standard mattress, removing the limitation of only using a tri-fold mattress. This offers more flexibility in mattress choice for users. Convenience is evident with free shipping across Canada, ensuring your premium piece reaches your home without any extra charges. And if you're wary about making an online purchase, the solid return policy is there to ease your concerns. Additionally, assembly woes are put to rest with its user-friendly, easy-to-follow paper instructions.

Can purchase here: Forward Furniture or Wholesale Furniture Brokers

The Nebula Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed with Mattress

Nebula Cabinet Bed Canada

Firstly, the Nebula Queen Cabinet Bed is a genius invention that seamlessly transforms any room into a cozy guest area. When not in use, it masquerades as a stylish sideboard, blending into any room decor. Its clever design ensures it's apt for rooms of all ceiling heights, ensuring versatility. Now, let's talk about its practicality. With a required clearance of 89.2″ lengthwise and 75.4″ in width once opened, it fits snugly while still allowing you space to move around.

Assembling furniture can be daunting, but not with the Nebula. It boasts a user-friendly design supported by step-by-step paper and video instructions. This ensures a swift, hassle-free setup. Furthermore, the bed's mobility factor, which negates the need for wall attachments, adds a layer of convenience. You can reposition it as you please!

The quality speaks volumes too. Made from quality laminated particle board compliant with TSCA Title VI, it boasts a long-lasting finish thanks to its melamine top. And while we're on the topic of longevity, the 10-year warranty on the cabinet and a 3-year warranty on the mattress provide added peace of mind.

An added perk? A built-in USB/power outlet, which means you can charge your devices as you rest, ensuring you wake up to a charged phone or tablet.

Can purchase here: Forward Furniture or Bestar

Canada might be vast and open, but our homes can feel a tad bit small sometimes. That's why cabinet beds are so great. They're not just beds; they're magic boxes that hide a cozy sleep spot. With their rising popularity, it's easy to see why they're a top choice in Canadian homes. Whether you want style, comfort, or both, the best cabinet beds in Canada have got you covered. Sleep tight, eh!


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