Collection: Cabinet Beds

Get a cabinet bed in Canada here at Forward Furniture to experience the best of both worlds - comfort and practicality! These save space while still creating the perfect sleep sanctuary to help you reset and recuperate every night. Browse a range of styles and sizes below.

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Save Space and Maximize Functionality With a Cabinet Bed!

Ever felt the pinch of limited space when you're trying to make your home both stylish and functional? You're not alone. Urban living often means smaller living spaces, and finding furniture that fits your life and your room can be a tall order. 

That's where we step in. 

We at Forward Furniture understand the balance between design, comfort, and practicality. Our collection of cabinet murphy beds is the game-changer for anyone who values a smart, space-saving solution without compromising on style or comfort. 

You’re just a few clicks away from a sleek, sturdy cabinet that transforms into a cozy bed in seconds. This is not just furniture - it's a revolution for your home. Just see what others had to say about our beds:

“Arrived much quicker than anticipated with the mattress being delivered by the same courier the following day. Came partially assembled and the two of us finished assembly within less than an hour. It opens and closes easily, looks great, very pleased!” - Brennan

“I super like this bed and comfortable to sleep. The bed with three easy-operating storage drawers is a practical and stylish choice for organizing your bedroom.” - Eugene

“This bed is comfy and an excellent addition to any bedroom. The sturdy construction provides ample support and ensures a comfortable night's sleep. So easy to assemble, instructions are included inside the box.” - Julie

Why We’re the Most Trusted Choice for a Cabinet Bed in Canada

Our versatile range offers something for every décor style, with numerous colors and designs that blend seamlessly into your home. 

Each bed is a testament to quality Canadian craftsmanship, designed to not only look exquisite but to withstand up to five hundred pounds. That means when it's not a bed, it's a robust piece of furniture that can hold your home office equipment or treasured keepsakes.

Our Cabinet Murphy beds are a marvel of functionality, built with the finesse of beautiful hardwood and complete with a tri-fold memory foam mattress that promises restful sleep. 

Unlike other furniture brands, we don’t leave you with a seemingly impossible puzzle to piece together. Assembly is a breeze and we’re always on standby ready to help you get your bed set up after it’s been delivered.

You can also enjoy peace of mind through our substantial 10-year warranty. With sizes ranging from twin to king and prices starting at an accessible $1360, we make sure that style and comfort are never out of reach. 

No matter where you are in the country we can get a bed to your doorstep. You can narrow your search for the perfect bed at Forward Furniture based on location:

We even cover the shipping charges as the cherry on top - what more could you ask for in a furniture provider? Elevate your sleep sanctuary today. You deserve it.

Treat Yourself to a Comfortable, Practical Sleep Sanctuary Today at Forward Furniture!

It's time to redefine your space with a cabinet bed in Canada that reflects your taste and meets your needs. Browse our collection today and discover how Forward Furniture is revolutionizing small space living across Canada.

Our Kelowna furniture store is your one-stop shop for quality furniture that won’t break the bank. We have other types of beds worth exploring such as our murphy beds, platform beds, and more. 

But, you can also count on us for everything from a massage chair to other bedroom furniture essentials, including accent cabinets, modern TV stands, office desks, sleeper sectionals, modular sectionals, and more.

Whether you're in a bustling city apartment or a cozy suburban home, our cabinet beds in Canada are designed to enhance your life, one restful night at a time. Don't wait to transform your space into a comfortable, practical sleep sanctuary!