Collection: Horizontal Murphy Bed

What is a Horizontal Murphy Bed?

Horizontal Murphy Bed Canada

This new style of murphy bed is called a horizontal murphy bed or wall bed horizontals. This type of murphy wall bed comes in a cube or cabinet shape and is perfect for any house. It serves the dual purpose of being a cubby and a full-size bed when unfolded. Known to be great space-saving furniture for modern homes, our horizontal murphy beds come in queen, twin, and full sizes. 

Different Features

There are numerous styles and colour options available to ensure you find the Murphy Bed of your choice. No matter what kind of design or colour scheme you have at home, we are sure to have a Horizontal Bed built to suit your preferences. Our Canadian Horizontal Murphy Beds offer a great deal of versatility when it comes to saving space in any home, which is why they are built using quality materials and hardware from Canada. Each one is built to last a lifetime, and will remain one of the most well-built, convenient and attractive pieces of furniture in your home.