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Bring the power of massage therapy right into your home. Get a massage chair in Canada at Forward Furniture and say goodbye to debilitating aches and pains as you relax and unwind in style!

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Unwind and Rejuvenate With a Massage Chair in Canada at Forward Furniture!

Finding a moment for yourself can be a rarity in the fast-paced hustle of daily life. But, it’s so important that you invest in your health and wellness - or it will catch up to you eventually. We’re passionate about empowering individuals like you to unwind and rejuvenate with our massaging chairs.

After all, a sanctuary for solace is not just a luxury - it's a necessity. We understand this deeply-rooted desire for tranquility and the profound impact it has on your overall wellbeing. We’ve curated an incredible selection of chairs to accommodate your needs, budget, and style preferences. 

Spoil yourself with a personal retreat designed to unwind the knots of stress and rejuvenate your spirit, all from the embrace of your own home. 

Whether you're seeking the compact convenience of a small chair or the enveloping comfort of a larger model, our collection is tailored to fit every space and preference. You’re going to be glad you invested in yourself at Forward Furniture - and you don’t have to take our word for it:

“I've tried some chairs which were not bad, however this thing didn't even compare. Way more options and a lot better massage then any other chair i've tried before. Absolutely love it!” - White Walker

“Great chair. This definitely takes the aches and kinks out of your back and neck. The chair has zero-g which is fantastic for laying all the way back” - Cole Degruchy

“A remarkable solution for senior citizens looking to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Equipped with advanced features like gentle massages, customizable settings, and supportive cushions, it offers a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Perfect gift for your loved ones or parents.” - Michael

The Forward Furniture Difference

Our brand was born with the goal of helping Canadians gain access to big brand quality furniture without the big brand prices. We also worked tirelessly to curate a selection that balances style with function, offering you the best of both worlds. This is furniture shopping as it was intended.

These aren’t your typical chairs for massage, either. Imagine a zero-gravity haven where the weight of the world lifts off your shoulders. These are designed with the expertly mimicked hands of a skilled masseuse working tirelessly to knead away the tightness in your muscles, improving your circulation and melting away the tension. 

Our chairs are adept in a multitude of massage techniques, from the deep pressure of Shiatsu to the gentle strokes of Swedish massage, ensuring a bespoke relaxation experience that caters to your body's unique needs.

With advanced features like buttocks rollers for targeted relief, a U-shape pillow for neck support, leg belts, and dual-leg airbags for complete lower body care, our chairs transform every session into a personalized escape.

The luxury of these chairs is not just felt, it's also seen. They blend effortlessly into your space, enhancing style with a variety of designs. Opt for sleek and contemporary, or indulge in the classic comfort of a plush traditional style. 

Whatever you go with you’ll enjoy free shipping, 30-day returns, a one-year warranty, and world-class customer service every step of the way!

Spoil Yourself With the Physical and Mental Relaxation That Comes With Our Massage Chairs in Canada!

Our massage heated chairs don't just function as your personal wellness hubs - they stand as luxurious centerpieces that elevate the ambiance of any room.

You won’t just find massage chairs for sale in our catalog, though. Our Kelowna furniture store is home to all the living room and bedroom furniture you could need. 

From our practical cabinet beds, murphy beds, and platform beds to our accent cabinets, modern TV stands, office desks, sleeper sectionals, modular sectionals, and everything in between - it’s time to redefine the way you shop for furniture for the better!

We offer massage chairs in Edmonton, massage chairs in Winnipeg, massage chairs in Vancouver, massage chairs in Toronto, and everywhere else throughout the country.

Spoil yourself as you embrace the comfort and delight in the relaxation that our massage chairs in Canada have to offer! You won’t regret investing in your health and happiness.