What are the Different Types of Beds?

What are the Different Types of Beds?

A restful night's sleep and a stylishly appointed bedroom don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can find a bed that offers the best of both worlds, elevating the aesthetic in your sleep sanctuary while helping you recuperate after a long day.

This guide to all the different types of beds is a great resource for anyone looking to buy their first bed or upgrade from their current one. We’ll unpack the most common styles and help you choose the right one for your home, style preferences, and other factors..

But what if your bed could go beyond this, and offer even more value in the form of organization or space-saving? We’ll introduce you to a few different bed types that go above and beyond what you’ve come to expect in this guide.

At Forward Furniture, we’ve curated a selection of cabinet beds, murphy beds, and platform beds to help you make the most of your limited bedroom space. We’ll introduce you to our collections towards the end, but first, how many types of beds are there? 

How Many Types of Beds Are There?

The world of beds is as varied as it is innovative, constantly expanding with new styles to suit evolving tastes and needs. It’s hard to put a number on how many types of beds there are as the figure can change with each passing season.

Yet, amidst this diversity, there are core types that have stood the test of time, becoming staples in homes worldwide. 

While designers continue to push the boundaries, introducing fresh and functional takes on the traditional, it's the enduring classics and modern essentials that truly shape our sleeping spaces. 

That being said, what are the different types of beds you should be familiar with as you look for the perfect sleep solution? 

What are the Different Types of Beds?

While there are a seemingly endless number of bed types we’re going to focus on the 11 we see the most. Each of these beds has its place, but only one is right for you - and by the time you finish reading this guide on the different types of beds, you’ll know which one that is!

Let’s start with what is perhaps the most practical bed style for those who are tight on space, such as apartment dwellers or those looking to make the most of a spare bedroom: murphy beds.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, epitomize space efficiency. Ideal for small apartments or multipurpose rooms, they hinge at one end to store vertically against the wall or inside a closet when not in use. 

This ingenious design frees up valuable floor space, allowing a room to serve as a home office, living space, or workout area by day, and a cozy bedroom by night.

And here at Forward Furniture you’ll gain access to the best selection of murphy beds in Canada. We offer an array of premium designs at prices that won’t break the bank. From the vertical to horizontal murphy bed, we’ve got it all!

Platform Beds

Platform beds offer a low-profile, contemporary look, eliminating the need for a box spring. They feature a sturdy base with slats or a solid platform to support the mattress, which can help extend its life by providing a firm, flat surface. 

The clean lines and minimalistic design of platform beds make them a popular choice for modern bedrooms. You can even find a platform bed with storage, making the most of precious closet space for the things you need most often.

And, once again, Forward Furniture is your trusted source if you’re in the market for a platform bed in Canada. Our diverse styles, unparalleled quality, and world-class customer support have earned the business of Canadians across the country!

Cabinet Beds

Cabinet beds are a relatively newer category, providing a compact sleeping solution without sacrificing comfort. They resemble a stylish cabinet or console when folded but transform into a bed with a simple unfolding mechanism. 

They often include additional storage, such as drawers or shelves, making them a functional choice for those who need to maximize space. And, for the premier selection of cabinet beds in Canada, you needn’t look further than Forward Furniture.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds serve as a seating area during the day and convert into a bed for overnight guests. Available in various styles, from futons to pull-out couches, they are a staple in homes that frequently host visitors. 

The mattresses range from thin pads to thicker, more plush options, catering to different comfort preferences. Sofa beds provide the ultimate versatility for living spaces that need to be adaptable.

These are a perfect choice for studio apartments, but they’re also great for those who are looking to add guest sleeping to their homes. You can check out our sleeper sectionals and discover the most stunning, practical selections across Canada!


Daybeds blend the comfort of a bed with the seating utility of a sofa, offering a practical furniture piece for lounging during the day. They are designed to be placed against a wall and used as a couch, and are characterized by a three-sided frame - two sides and a back.

They easily transition into a guest bed with the addition of a fitted sheet or a comforter, making them ideal for use in home offices, children's rooms, or small living spaces that require dual-function furniture. 

The distinction between a daybed and sleeper sofa is that daybeds don’t have a separate mattress for sleeping on. Instead, you sleep directly on the cushion.


Futons are the quintessential multipurpose furniture, functioning both as a bed and a sofa. They originated in Japan, but the Western-style futon typically features a foldable frame that transitions from a flat sleeping surface to a raised, seated position. 

Futons are beloved for their simplicity, ease of use, and affordability. They are particularly popular among those living in studio apartments or homes where a spare bedroom isn't available.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a classic solution to maximize sleeping areas in a limited space. They make efficient use of vertical space by stacking one bed frame on top of another, often accommodating two or more sleepers in the footprint of a single bed. 

They are a favorite in children's bedrooms, hostels, and dormitories, cabins, and Airbnb's. You can find these in various styles, including standard, loft, and L-shaped configurations. 

Bunk beds can also include features such as storage drawers, trundle beds, or integrated workspaces beneath the upper bunk.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds stand out with their four-poster frame connected at the top with rails. These beds can be draped with fabric to create an enclosed, private space and add a layer of elegance and romance to a bedroom. 

While traditionally associated with opulence and luxury, modern canopy beds come in various styles - from ornate and traditional to sleek and minimalistic. This makes them a statement piece in any bedroom that's spacious enough to accommodate their grandeur.

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are a clever design solution ideal for small spaces. These beds feature a second bed hidden beneath the main frame, which can be pulled out on casters or a sliding mechanism when needed. 

This design maximizes floor space during the day while providing an extra sleeping area at night, perfect for children's sleepovers or accommodating guests in a multipurpose room. 

Trundle beds come in various styles, matching seamlessly with the primary bed and often doubling as a large drawer for additional storage when not in use.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are distinguished by their curved headboards and footboards that resemble the elegant silhouette of a sleigh. Their bold design makes them a focal point in any bedroom. 

Originating from the French and American Empire period of the early 19th century, sleigh beds bring a touch of historical richness and timeless appeal to bedroom decor. 

They’re typically made of wood, but contemporary versions also utilize materials like metal or upholstered leather. That being said you can find a diverse range of styles from traditional to modern chic.

Adjustable Beds

Last but not least on our list of bed types is the adjustable bed. These provide the ultimate customization for sleep and relaxation. With the ability to raise or lower the head and foot of the bed, these innovative frames cater to a variety of comfort needs. 

Whether it's reading, watching TV, or alleviating health issues like snoring or acid reflux, adjustable beds offer various positions to enhance comfort. 

They often come with additional features like built-in massage, heat settings, and smart technology for a luxury sleep experience. They are especially valuable for the elderly or those with mobility issues as they allow increased independence and comfort.

Why Choosing the Right Type of Bed Can’t Be Overlooked

As you can see, there are so many different types of beds out there. Don’t they more or less serve the same purpose, though? Not at all.

The right bed is instrumental from a health perspective. A mismatch between your bed and your personal needs can lead to discomfort and sleep disturbances, while the perfect match can support a restful night, helping to rejuvenate both the body and mind.

But, more than that, it’s about optimizing your space and making the most of your bedroom with a bed that serves more than one purpose.

The Impact of Bed Choice on Sleep Quality

Sleep quality goes hand in hand with the type of bed you use. Ergonomic designs, like adjustable beds, cater to specific health requirements, potentially easing conditions like back pain or sleep apnea. Meanwhile, the stability and support offered by platform beds can enhance sleep as well.

Bed Types and Their Influence on Bedroom Aesthetics

Beyond comfort, the bed type you select significantly influences the aesthetics of your bedroom. A canopy bed can infuse romance and luxury, while a sleek platform bed might underscore a minimalist, contemporary style. 

The bed's design, material, and color are all central to expressing your personal taste and creating a desired ambiance within the room. This is your sleep sanctuary, after all - it should be a place that resonates with your unique vibe!

Financial and Practical Considerations in Bed Selection

Finally, practicality and budget are crucial factors. Investing in a high-quality bed that aligns with your financial constraints is key. 

Moreover, consider the bed's durability and functionality - for instance, beds with built-in storage can alleviate the need for additional furniture. 

The longevity of the bed's design style should also be considered; timeless pieces may offer better long-term value than those following transient trends.

Which of the Different Types of Beds is Right For You?

So, which of the different types of beds should you invest in? We’ll quickly walk you through all the considerations below to help you feel confident in choosing the right style.

Assessing Your Space

The size and layout of your room are the starting points. Measure your available space, considering door placement and walkways.

Murphy, cabinet, or platform beds might be ideal for smaller rooms. Larger spaces can accommodate canopy or sleigh beds, which serve as a focal point.

Personal Comfort

Your bed is the cornerstone of a good night’s sleep. Think about your sleeping habits. Do you need firm support, or do you prefer a softer surface? Adjustable beds cater to various sleeping positions and are beneficial for those with specific health needs.

Design Vision

The style of your bed should resonate with your interior decor. A minimalist design leans towards clean-lined platform beds, while ornate, traditional settings welcome the classic elegance of sleigh or canopy beds. Choose materials and colors that complement your decor palette.

Lifestyle Needs

Your bed's functionality should align with your lifestyle. If you're short on space or have a multipurpose room, consider a sofa bed or a murphy bed. For storage solutions, look at styles with built-in drawers like our cabinet beds or platform beds.

Budgeting for Quality

Beds are a long-term investment. It's wise to balance initial costs with the expected lifespan of the bed. Consider durable materials and timeless designs that justify a higher upfront cost but offer sustained value. 

Remember that you typically get what you pay for - so don’t try and cut corners on something that affects your health and wellbeing!

When in Doubt, Reach Out!

If you're still unsure, consult with the professionals at Forward Furniture. Our experts can guide you through our selection of functional, stylish beds to find the one that’s perfect for you. 

Your dream bed isn't just about sleep, it's about enhancing your life, one night at a time. So, get the most stylish, functional bed types in our Kelowna furniture store today!

The Most Stylish, Functional Bed Types Are Waiting to Be Discovered at Forward Furniture!

Discover a realm of unparalleled comfort and style with Forward Furniture’s curated collection of beds - where style, comfort, quality, and affordability all intersect. With expert customer support every step of the way, this is furniture shopping as it was intended. 

Each bed we offer is crafted for superior durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Our platform beds, with their sleek lines, integrate seamlessly into any decor and prevent the headaches of finding a matching box spring. 

Or, embrace innovation with our cabinet beds that transform with ease, ensuring a smart use of space without compromising on style.

You’ll fall in love with our murphy beds that fold up out of the way when not in use, especially if you’re shopping for a studio apartment or spare bedroom that’s tight on space. 

Beyond our bedroom furniture we have the best selection of massage chairs in Canada, accent cabinets, modern TV stands, office desks, and a whole lot more.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with Forward Furniture, where your ideal sleep sanctuary awaits, designed to suit your unique lifestyle and taste.

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Different Bed Types 

From the space-saving genius of Murphy and cabinet beds to the grandeur of canopy and sleigh beds, there are a multitude of bed types out there. Only one is right for you, though. We hope this guide to the different types of beds has left you feeling clear on which it is.

If not, remember that we’re a click or call away and happy to offer a personalized recommendation based on your unique needs. And, no matter which of our beds you buy, you are making an investment in a better sleep sanctuary!

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