How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair?

When it comes to relaxation and wellness, few things compare to the soothing experience of a massage. A massage chair brings all the incredible benefits of massage therapy to the comfort of your own home - it couldn’t be more convenient!

Although massage chairs bring real health benefits, like pain relief and improved circulation, the cost of buying one stops many people from enjoying these benefits. Is renting a massage chair a good option instead? And how much does it cost to rent a massage chair, really?

While renting makes sense in some cases, if you’re going to be renting a massage chair regularly, the cost can quickly add up. More often than not, you’re better off buying a massage chair in Canada, and here at Forward Furniture we have an incredible selection to choose from!

Plus, our financing options are a great compromise if you’re concerned about the initial upfront cost of a massage chair - we’ll let you use your chair when you need it and pay for it when you can! Join us to explore massage chair rental costs, helping you decide whether this is the right way forward for you. 

Benefits of Renting a Massage Chair

Renting a massage chair offers a convenient and flexible way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage without the long-term commitment of a purchase. Let’s take a closer look at why some people choose to rent their massage chair. 

Benefits of Massage Chairs in General

Before we talk about massage chair rental costs, lets take a second to appreciate the incredible benefits that a massage chair can bring. Massage chairs are designed to replicate the techniques of professional massage therapists, offering some amazing health benefits. 

Regular use of a massage chair can help reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension, and improve circulation. The deep tissue massage functions can also aid in relieving chronic pain. If you have a hectic schedule, a massage chair is an easy way to unlock these benefits at home.

Temporary Needs and Short-Term Events

If you only need a massage chair for a short period of time, renting can be a good option. For example, if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, renting a massage chair can offer the temporary support you need as your body heals. 

Also, if you’re hosting an event, like a wellness retreat, a corporate party, or a special celebration, a massage chair can be a fun addition. Assuming you only need the massage chair for a quick event, renting might be the best choice. 

Testing Before Investing

Choosing a massage chair is a big decision, so it’s important to find one you’re comfortable with. Renting a chair before you commit to a purchase gives you a chance to try different chairs and find one that meets your needs before committing to the full massage chair price

Sure, you can learn about the features, functionality, and comfort of a massage chair, and you can read reviews from other users, but there’s no substitute for actually using a massage chair, which is one of the biggest benefits of renting a chair first. 

Factors Influencing the Massage Chair Rental Cost

So, how much does it cost to rent a massage chair? First of all, it’s important to understand that the massage chair rental cost can vary depending on a few different factors. Let’s look at what can impact the cost of renting a massage chair. 

Chair Features

The features and capabilities of a massage chair play a big part in determining the massage chair rental cost. Basic models with essential functions like standard massage modes and adjustable settings are typically more affordable. 

In contrast, high-end chairs with advanced features such as 3D or 4D massage technology, zero-gravity reclining, heat therapy, and customizable massage programs cost more to rent. The more sophisticated the features, the higher the cost.

Rental Duration 

The length of the rental period is another crucial factor affecting the cost. Generally, rental rates decrease as the duration increases. For instance, renting a chair for a day or a weekend might have a higher daily rate compared to renting it for a month or longer. 

Long-term rentals often come with discounts or more favorable terms, making them a somewhat more cost-effective option for those who need the chair for extended use. However, you’ll still pay more in the long run as you rent your chair for a longer period of time. 

Geographic Location

Your location can also influence the cost of renting a massage chair. Rental prices may vary depending on the region, with higher costs typically found in urban areas or regions with a higher cost of living. 

The cost also depends on how available rental services are in your area. In locations where services are scarce, you might face higher rental fees or additional delivery charges. Areas with a competitive market for massage chair rentals might offer more competitive pricing and promos.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair? 

So, how much does it cost to rent a massage chair? As we just explained, the cost of renting a massage chair can vary widely depending on the features of the chair, the duration of the rental, and your location. 

On average, the cost to rent a massage chair ranges from $100 to $400 per day. Basic models with standard features may be available at the lower end of this spectrum, while high-end models with advanced functions and capabilities can cost more.

For longer rental periods, the daily rate typically decreases, making it somewhat more economical. Weekly rental rates can range from $250 to $600, and monthly rentals may cost between $500 and $1,500, depending on the chair's features and the rental terms.

Delivery and setup fees can add to the overall expense, particularly if the rental company is located far from your location. Some rental agreements may also include a security deposit, which is refundable upon the chair's return in good condition, or a cleaning fee. 

Is Renting Really the Best Choice For You?

The massage chair rental cost may seem low compared to buying a chair, but that doesn’t tell you the full story. If you’re going to be renting your chair on multiple occasions, or for a long period of time, buying might be the smarter choice. Let’s take a look. 

Drawbacks to Renting a Massage Chair

Renting involves continuous payments for as long as you need the chair. Over time, these costs can quickly add up, especially if you require the chair for an extended period. Unlike a one-time purchase, rental fees can become a significant ongoing expense.

Also, rental agreements often limit the range of models and features you can choose from. You might not have access to the latest or most advanced chairs, which could impact your overall experience and limit the health benefits of your chair.

Remember that rented chairs are used by multiple customers, which means they have more wear and tear compared to a new chair. This can affect their performance and your comfort, and may even mean you have to deal with mechanical issues during your rental period.

Depending on demand, the specific model or type of chair you prefer might not always be available for rent. You might have to settle for second best, which may not help you heal or relax as effectively. This isn’t the case when it comes to buying a massage chair. 

Why Buying May Be More Economical in the Long Run

While the upfront cost of buying a massage chair can be high, it eliminates the recurring rental fees. Over several months or years, the money you spend on rentals could easily surpass the cost of owning a chair outright. A one-time investment can offer better value if you use the chair frequently.

Owning a massage chair also allows you to choose the exact model and features that suit your needs. You can invest in a high-quality chair with the latest technology and customize it to your preferences, giving your body exactly what it needs to keep you at your best.

And, if you decide that you no longer need the chair, you have the option to sell it. While you may not recoup the entire purchase price, a well-maintained chair can retain significant resale value, offsetting some of your initial investment and putting money back in your pocket.

Invest in Your Own Massage Chair for Better Value at Forward Furniture!

If you decide that buying is the right choice for you, you can find the best massage chairs in Canada right here at Forward Furniture. We have an incredible range to choose from, catering to all needs and budgets. 

If the upfront cost of a massage chair is a concern for you, we offer flexible finance options to make massage therapy at home affordable for everyone. And, if you’re worried about committing to a chair before you can try it, take advantage of our 30-day return policy for added peace of mind! 

We have fast and free shipping across Canada, and a team of experts available to help you choose the right chair for your needs. Shop in-store at one of our locations, or browse our selection of premium massage chairs online: 

Whether you’re looking for a basic massage chair to relax in each evening, or one with specific features to help you deal with aches and pains, you’ll find it at Forward Furniture. Every product we sell is designed to bring real results and stand the test of time. Find your new massage chair today!

Parting Thoughts on the Massage Chair Rental Cost

So, how much does it cost to rent a massage chair? While renting may seem like a cost-effective option, it really only makes sense if you need the chair for a one-off event or occasion. 

The cost of renting a massage chair quickly adds up, and there are also expenses to think about like deposits, cleaning fees, and delivery charges. If you plan on using your chair frequently, buying a massage chair outright is almost always the more affordable option. 

At Forward Furniture, we have the best selection of premium massage chairs, with models available for all budgets and preferences. And, our financing options give you flexible payment plans while still allowing you to invest in your wellness with your own, at-home massage chair. 

Ready to bring the benefits of massage therapy to your living room? Shop Forward Furniture today and find the perfect massage chair for you! 

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