How to Move a Massage Chair

How to Move a Massage Chair: Tips on Moving Heavy Massage Chairs Up or Down Stairs

Moving heavy furniture around is never fun, but sometimes it’s necessary to get your home organized and decorated the way you want it. If you’re moving a massage chair up or downstairs, we’re here to answer all your questions!

Today, we’ll explain how to move a massage chair safely, without hurting yourself or your chair. We’ll also discuss whether or not it’s worth investing in a massage chair moving service to help you get your chair situated. 

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The Challenges of Moving a Massage Chair

Let’s be honest here - moving a massage chair can be a struggle! Before we talk about how to move a massage chair, let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s not something you want to be doing too often.

Weight and Size Concerns

Massage chairs are known for their substantial weight and size, making them cumbersome to maneuver. These chairs often weigh between 150 to 300 pounds, which can make them really difficult to move, even if you’re in great shape!

As well as being heavy, massage chairs are bulky, as they’re designed to accommodate different body types. Moving such a large and heavy item requires not only strength but also strategic planning to navigate through doorways, hallways, and particularly up or down stairs.

Structural Complexity

The intricate design and components of a massage chair add another layer of difficulty to the moving process. Massage chairs are equipped with motors, rollers, and a variety of electronic parts that can be easily damaged if the chair is not handled properly. 

The chair's upholstery and padding must also be protected to avoid tears and scratches. Some models also have detachable parts that need to be secured or removed before moving a massage chair. 

How to Move a Massage Chair Upstairs or Downstairs Safely

So, let’s talk about how to move a massage chair upstairs or how to move a massage chair downstairs without damaging your back or the chair. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to move a heavy massage chair. 

Start By Taking Measurements of Doorways and Hallways

Before you begin moving a massage chair, measure all doorways, hallways, and staircases it will pass through. This will help you determine the best route and identify any potential obstacles. 

This is an important first step in moving a massage chair upstairs because knowing the exact dimensions of the chair and the spaces it must fit through ensures you won’t encounter any surprises mid-move, reducing the risk of getting stuck or damaging the chair or your walls.

Disconnecting Massage Chair and Disassembling Components

Massage chairs often come with detachable parts and electrical components that need to be carefully disconnected before moving. Start by unplugging the chair and securing the power cord. If possible, remove any detachable parts such as headrests, footrests, and side panels. 

Keep all screws and small parts in labeled bags to avoid losing them. Disassembling the chair into smaller, more manageable pieces can protect your chair’s components and make it a lot easier to move - just make sure you know how to put it all back together!

Use Furniture Dolleys or Gliders

To move the chair with minimal strain, use furniture dollies or gliders. These tools help distribute the weight of the chair and make it easier to maneuver. For moving a massage chair upstairs, a stair-climbing dolly can be particularly useful. 

Carefully lift the chair onto the dolly or gliders, ensuring it is balanced and secure before moving. When using these tools, take your time and move slowly to maintain control and prevent accidents.

Get Help if You Can

Moving a heavy and bulky massage chair is certainly not a one-person job. Enlist the help of friends, family, or professional movers to share the load and ensure safety. Having extra hands makes navigating stairs and tight spaces easier and reduces the risk of injury. 

Coordinate with your helpers, communicate clearly, and lift together to distribute the weight evenly. And, if your helpers seem reluctant, you can always try to bribe them with a massage after the move! 

More Safety Tips

We have a few more tips on how to move a massage chair downstairs: 

  • Wear appropriate gear like sturdy shoes and gloves if you’re worried about your hands 
  • Remove any obstacles in your path to avoid tripping 
  • When lifting the chair, bend your knees and use your legs to lift, not your back
  • Take breaks, especially if you’re moving more than your massage chair 

If you do disassemble certain parts of your massage chair, put it back together promptly after the move, while it’s still fresh in your mind and to prevent any of the components from being misplaced. 

Are Massage Chair Moving Services Worth It?

If you don’t want to move the massage chair yourself, you might want to look into massage chair moving services. Here’s what you need to know about enlisting the pros to move your massage chair, and what you can expect in terms of the massage chair cost for moving. 

The Benefits of Leaving it to the Pros

Professional movers have the skills and experience needed to handle heavy and bulky items like massage chairs. They know the best techniques for lifting, transporting, and navigating tight spaces and stairs, which reduces the risk of damage to the chair and your property.

Moving companies come equipped with specialized tools such as dollies, straps, and protective coverings. These tools are essential for ensuring the chair is moved safely and efficiently, minimizing the chances of accidents or damage.

Moving a massage chair can also be time-consuming and physically demanding. By hiring professionals, you save valuable time and avoid the physical strain of moving the chair yourself. 

How Much Does Moving a Massage Chair Cost?

The cost of hiring professional movers for a massage chair varies based on several factors, including where you live, the complexity of the job, and the specific services required. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 to $300 moving services. 

Navigating challenging spaces like narrow staircases or tight hallways usually raises the price, and many movers have a minimum rate that they charge, even if you’re only moving one item, which sometimes makes hiring a massage chair mover a less cost-effective option. 

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Wrapping Up Our Guide on How to Move a Heavy Massage Chair

So, that brings our guide on how to move a massage chair to a close. If you’re moving a heavy massage chair up or downstairs, make sure you have the equipment you need, you’ve cleared a safe path, you’ve measured the doorways, and you have some strong friends who are willing to help! 

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