How to Pick the Perfect Murphy Bed for Your Home

How to Pick the Perfect Murphy Bed for Your Home

Got a small space and need an extra bed? A Murphy bed might be just what you need! These cool beds fold up against the wall or into a cabinet, saving you tons of space. But how do you pick the right one? Let's dive in and find out.

What Kinds of Murphy Beds Are There?

First off, let's look at the different types of Murphy beds.

The Classic Murphy Bed: When you think of a Murphy bed, this is probably the type that comes to mind. The primary benefit here is its simplicity and ease of use. It's a no-frills, straight-up bed that folds down from the wall. Ideal for daily use, it's perfect for any room where you want a bed that's out of the way when not needed. Its straightforward design also means it can blend in with any room décor without being too obtrusive.

Cabinet Murphy Bed: This style is a game-changer for really tight spaces. The major advantage of a cabinet Murphy bed is its dual function. When folded up, it looks like a regular cabinet or a piece of furniture, making it a great space-saver. You can use the cabinet for storage or as a decorative piece during the day. This type is especially good for studios or multipurpose rooms where you want the bed to be completely hidden away.

Desk Murphy Bed: This design is a fantastic solution for those who need a home office but also have occasional guests. Its key benefit is its multifunctionality. During the day, you have a full workspace, and at night, it transforms into a comfortable bed. Some models have a desk that stays in place, meaning you don't even have to clear your workspace when you fold down the bed.

Sofa Murphy Bed: For those who live in a small space but love entertaining, the sofa Murphy bed is a smart pick. Its greatest advantage is how it seamlessly combines living and sleeping areas. You have a cozy sofa during the day, and when night comes, it transforms into a bed. It's perfect for studio apartments where you want to make the most of every inch of space.

Bunk Murphy Bed: If you've got kids or frequent visitors and need extra sleeping space, the bunk Murphy bed is ideal. Its standout benefit is its capacity to provide two beds while taking up the floor space of one. This design is especially useful in children's rooms, guest rooms, or vacation homes. It's a space-efficient way to accommodate more people without cramping your style.

Each Murphy bed type brings its own unique advantages, so consider your specific needs and room layout before making a decision. Whether it's saving space, combining functions, or providing extra sleeping options, there's a Murphy bed design that's just right for your home.

Styles and Designs of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds come in all sorts of styles. You can find one that fits perfectly with how your room looks.

  1. Modern: These have simple lines and a sleek look. They're great for a contemporary room.
  2. Traditional: If your home has a more classic or cozy feel, a traditional Murphy bed with wood finishes might be your best bet.
  3. Transitional: Can't decide between modern and traditional? Transitional beds mix elements of both.
  4. Custom: Some places let you design your own bed, picking the materials and extra features like lights or storage.

Think about the vibe of your room and pick a style that complements it.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Murphy Beds: Pros and Cons

When it comes to Murphy beds, choosing between horizontal and vertical models is a key decision. Each orientation offers unique benefits and potential drawbacks, depending on your room's layout and your specific needs.

Horizontal Beds:

  • Benefit: Ideal for Low Ceilings - Horizontal Murphy beds are a great choice if you have low ceilings or limited vertical wall space. Their design is particularly suited to rooms where a traditional vertical bed might not fit, such as in basements or attic spaces.
  • Benefit: Less Wall Space Required - These beds take up less wall space when stored, which can be a big plus if you're dealing with a smaller room or if you want to use the wall space for other purposes like hanging art or installing shelves.


  • Requires More Floor Space - The major downside is that they extend further into the room when opened. This means they may not be the best choice for narrow rooms where floor space is a premium during use.

Vertical Beds:

  • Benefit: Space-Efficient for Narrow Rooms - Vertical Murphy beds are the classic pull-down style that works well in slender rooms. They are designed to take up minimal floor space when opened, making them ideal for tight spaces.
  • Benefit: Traditional and Varied Designs - This orientation often comes with more design options and is what many people envision when they think of a Murphy bed. They can easily be integrated into existing décor and can come with additional features like shelving or desks.


  • Not Suitable for Low Ceilings - The main limitation is their height requirement. If you have low ceilings, a vertical Murphy bed might not be practical as it needs sufficient clearance both above and below to operate effectively.

When choosing between horizontal and vertical Murphy beds, consider not only the size and shape of your room but also how you plan to use the space. If you frequently need to transform the room from a living or work space to a sleeping area, a horizontal bed might be more practical. On the other hand, if you're short on floor space but have ample wall height, a vertical bed could be the perfect solution.

Check Out These Beds from

  1. Hyde Grey Murphy Cabinet Bed with Memory Foam Mattress: This bed is awesome because it looks like a cabinet but folds out into a comfy bed with a memory foam mattress. It's got a cool grey color that fits with lots of room styles.
  2. Heidi Horizontal Murphy Bed White: Need a bed for a room with a low ceiling? This one's horizontal and has a neat, white look. It's easy to use and fits well in modern rooms.

Both of these beds from are stylish and practical. They're great picks if you're shopping for a Murphy bed.


Picking the right Murphy bed means thinking about what kind of bed you need, the style of your room, and how much space you have. Whether you go for a classic, cabinet, desk, sofa, or bunk style, the key is to find something that's useful and looks good in your space. The Hyde Grey Murphy Cabinet Bed and Heidi Horizontal Murphy Bed from are two great options to consider. With the right Murphy bed, you can make any room more flexible and fit your lifestyle better.

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