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Step into a world where restful sleep is a nightly luxury with Forward Furniture's premium range of mattresses in Kelowna. Experience the difference quality makes today and embrace the sleep you've always dreamed of!

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Sleep More Soundly by Investing in the Most Comfortable Mattress in Kelowna at Forward Furniture!

Quality sleep is the cornerstone of good health and well-being, and the mattress you choose is its foundation. In Kelowna, where serenity is a way of life, a mattress that provides deep, restorative sleep is a non-negotiable luxury. 

Yet, the journey to finding such a mattress can be fraught with compromises, particularly when balancing the need for quality with budget constraints. The market is flooded with cheap alternatives that promise comfort but often fail to deliver, leading to restless nights and groggy mornings. 

But at Forward Furniture, we offer the best of both worlds - uncompromising quality at a price that ensures sound sleep is within everyone's reach. We invite you to explore our collection and invest in your well-being today.

Why Our Mattresses in Kelowna Are the Right Choice For Your Sleep Sanctuary

Forward Furniture is the #1 Kelowna furniture store in general, but what makes our mattress selection specifically the right choice for you? Simple - you won’t find better value for the money anywhere else in Canada. 

These products stand at the intersection of innovation, comfort, and eco-consciousness. Each mattress is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring that every layer contributes to a sleep experience that rejuvenates and restores. 

From the 6” Tranquility Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress to the luxurious 12.5” Fusion Luxe with cooling gel memory foam, our range meets diverse sleep preferences and needs.

Our 12.5” Fusion Luxe, for instance, is a testament to our dedication to sleep excellence. With a medium-plush feel, it adapts to the body, offering pressure relief to side sleepers, while the cooling fabric ensures a comfortable temperature all night long. 

For those on a budget, our 6” Tranquility mattress offers comfort and support with a firm base layer ideal for stomach or back sleepers. Here are all the benefits you unlock by shopping at Forward Furniture:

  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam: Our selection is made from foams that meet rigorous standards for content, emissions, and durability.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: With options like our bamboo memory foam mattresses, you can sleep soundly knowing you're making an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Variety of Sizes: With a full range from twin to California king, our products cater to every space and preference. Whether you have a queen murphy bed or a twin murphy bed, the perfect pick is here in our catalog.
  • 12 Month Interest-Free Financing: Making it easier for you to invest in quality sleep without the financial strain.

With a robust 30-day return policy and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Forward Furniture is dedicated to helping you find the perfect mattress for the best sleep of your life.

A Better Night’s Sleep is Just a Click Away at Forward Furniture!

Upgrade your sleep and elevate your life with a mattress from Forward Furniture. Our collection is designed to provide the support, comfort, and quality you deserve. With our ongoing mattress sale and the option for interest-free financing, a great night's sleep is more accessible than ever.

You can also find a bedframe in Kelowna to match, as we’re your one-stop shop for all things bedroom furniture in Canada. Here are some of our most popular beds:

Whether you’re looking for a queen cabinet bed mattress, a twin cabinet bed mattress, or even a double murphy bed mattress - we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of styles, firmness, and cushioning styles. Your perfect mattress in Kelowna - and thus, a better night’s sleep - is just a click away at Forward Furniture!