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Transform your living space in just a few clicks with our exquisite range of sectionals in Vancouver, where style and practicality meet affordability to offer you the furniture shopping experience you deserve!

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Upgrade Your Living Area With the Comfort and Style of Our Sectionals in Vancouver at Forward Furniture!

Your living room is the space where loved ones gather to make memories, and where you unwind after a long, grueling day to prepare for the next one. 

The centerpiece of this space is your sofa, and it needs to be more than just comfortable and stylish - it needs to offer practical benefits as well. From cupholders to modular capabilities, sleeper arrangements, and more, you deserve furniture that can adapt to life’s ever-evolving nature. 

Here at Forward Furniture, we’ve come to be known as the premier provider of sectional sofas in Canada because we offer all this and more. Our customers love our selection, low pricing, and unparalleled customer service every step of the way. See for yourself below!

“Best furniture purchase I have made. It fits my living room beautifully and is so comfortable. Great quality for the price and Forward Furniture now has a repeat customer. I will buy from them again and again.” - Andreas

“OMG! Our new couch is stunning! If you are considering ordering, stop hesitating and jump on it. It’s gorgeous. I feel like the material will last a very long time. It’s near perfect.” - Mandy

“This couch is absolutely amazing. Exactly what I imagined and more. It is large with plenty of seating and just looks and feels amazing. Highly recommend the couch.” - Josh

What Separates Our Sectionals in Vancouver From Other Providers?

Forward Furniture was born with the goal of providing high-quality, affordable furniture that doesn’t just fill spaces but completes them. 

We also have made it a point to source sectionals crafted with eco-friendly materials, allowing you to furnish your home with peace of mind knowing you’re making a responsible choice.

From the ease of assembly to strong, long-lasting construction, each sectional reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. 

You have so many different styles at your fingertips too, whether you need a sleeper sectional, modular sectional, or even something simple and subtle like our leather sectionals. Take a look around and see what catches your eye, or narrow your search with one of our 3 most popular picks:

  • The Porter Sleeper Sectional: This stylish, multifunctional sectional is perfect for those who love to entertain and relax. Whether it’s movie nights or casual drinks, the convenience of cup holders and a pull-out bed ensures your living space adapts to every occasion, without compromising on comfort or style.
  • The Dyno Reversible Sectional: Ideal for dynamic lifestyles with its reversible chaise and ample storage space. This piece is perfect for small gatherings, providing extra bedding and storage solutions in a sleek, contemporary design.
  • The Sinclair Sectional Sofa L-Shape: For those who prioritize aesthetics, the design and plush seating of this L shaped sectional provide an upscale feel to any living space. Its spacious L-shape guarantees ample room for guests, making it an ideal choice for sophisticated entertainers.

Not sure which is right for you still? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to give you a suggestion based on your budget, needs, and existing aesthetics in the living area. Whatever you do, don’t delay - because the perfect sectional in Vancouver awaits in our Kelowna furniture store!

The Perfect Sectional Sofa is Just a Few Clicks Away!

With Forward Furniture, finding the perfect sectional for your home in Vancouver is easier than ever. Our diverse range of styles ensures that no matter your taste or space requirements, there is something to elevate your home’s comfort and style.

We know you came here specifically looking for a sectional in Vancouver, but we’re the most trusted choice across all of Canada. We ship everywhere, and you can get your new sofa as soon as 1-3 days when you place your order today. Here are some of our most popular locations:

There’s no need to compromise on anything that matters to you when you shop with us - be it style, comfort, practicality, or affordability. You can have it all with Forward Furniture - find out for yourself today!