How to Measure a Sectional Sofa: Tips on Taking Sectional Measurements

How to Measure a Sectional Sofa: Tips on Taking Sectional Measurements

Sectional sofas are convenient and flexible pieces of furniture that allow you to maximize both space and comfort within your living spaces. But to make the most of this investment in your home you need to get your measurements just right.

Mastering the art of how to measure a sectional sofa is not just a skill, it's a gateway to optimizing your living space. With sectional couches available in various sizes and configurations, every centimetre counts when transforming your space. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about how to measure a sectional couch. We’ll walk you step-by-step through measuring your room and picking the right couch with confidence.

Once your measurements are complete, we have the best selection of sectional sofas in Canada waiting for you here at Forward Furniture! Our inventory blends high-quality materials and brands with affordable price tags, and we ship across Canada, even to NWT, Yukon, and the Atlantic Provinces!

The Importance of Proper Sectional Measurements

So, why is it so vital to learn how to measure a sectional sofa before ordering?

Nailing down the perfect measurements is crucial for finding the ideal couch for your living space. Your goal should be to find a new sectional sofa that enhances your living room or apartment rather than one that feels cramped or out of place.

Let’s start with how your sofa fits the room. If your couch is too oversized for the room, the area will feel cramped and even be tricky to navigate. Conversely, a sofa that is too small will lead to a lack of seating and detract from your new furniture's style and feel.

Additionally, failing to learn how to measure a sectional couch could lead to issues during the delivery and setup process. Sectionals are large pieces and often have trouble fitting through tight hallways, doorways, and stairwells.

Finally, if you realize your new sectional couch does not perfectly fit your space or, even worse, cannot even be brought inside, you will have to go through the return and ordering process all over again. 

Understanding how sectionals are measured will help you avoid this hassle and make the right choice the first time around.

So, how are sectionals measured, anyway? Let’s switch gears and discuss how to interpret measurements to help guide you while shopping.

How Are Sectionals Measured in Canada?

Whether they are called sectionals vs sofas, there are some specifics to couch measurements to consider, especially when shopping in Canada.

Sectional measurements in Canada should consider that living spaces in Canada, whether homes or apartments, tend to be smaller than homes elsewhere. If you are primarily buying from US-based brands, it is crucial to find a sectional that fits the dimensions of your home.

In addition to room size, you must know how to measure a sectional sofa with doorways and hallways in mind. Due to the compact floor plans found in Canadian living spaces, you must ensure your new couch can fit in those tight spaces to avoid any issues during delivery.

Finally, specific couch shapes are more prevalent in Canada due to typical home layouts. L shaped sectionals are an excellent choice for modern designs, while U-shaped sofas are a better fit for larger living rooms.

How to Measure a Sectional Sofa: Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Sectional Measurements

Okay, so how are sectionals measured?

There is a lot to consider when taking sectional measurements, from the equipment you use to how to measure features like armrests and cushion overhangs. Let’s go through the process step-by-step.

What You’ll Need to Take Accurate Measurements

Before you begin taking sectional measurements, you will need a few tools.

We recommend a reliable retractable tape measurement. This will allow you to get precise dimensions of your room and the sectional pieces. You will also need a physical notepad or a device to write down all your measurements.

To sketch your dimensions, you should consider temporary marking tools like masking tape or pencil marks. We also recommend taking photos of all your measurements to help you visualize your sectional, which will help you when setting up your sofa. 

Measuring the Basics: Length, Depth, and Height

The best way to learn how to measure a sectional sofa is to start with the basics. We’ll begin by taking the dimensions of your living room, including length, depth, and height, and then follow up with the measurements of the sectional you intend to buy.

Start with the longest wall of the room, which will help guide the maximum length of the sofa. We recommend adding an extra centimetre or three to account for small obstacles like baseboards.

Next, measure the room's depth. This refers to the distance from the wall to the sofa's edge.

After that, you can measure the height from floor to ceiling. We also encourage you to take a smaller measurement between the floor and any windows or artwork you have in the area to ensure the sectional does not block these features.

Once you have the sections for your room and additional measurements for your doorways or stairwells, repeat the same with your sofa. If you buy from a retailer, you can use their specifications as a guideline.

Factoring in Armrest and Backrest Height

Following your core measurements, you will focus on the armrests and backrests of the couch. Take the distance from the floor to the top of the armrest. We recommend anywhere from 60 to 70 centimetres for comfortable dimensions for sitting and reclining.

Similarly, you will measure the backrest height starting from the bottom of the floor. A good starting point is anywhere from 75 to 90 centimetres, but be sure to factor in any windows or hanging decor to ensure a comfortable fit.

Measuring Cushion Overhang and Seat Depth

There are a few more small dimensions to remember to ensure your couch is a perfect match for your living space.

Cushion overhang is sometimes overlooked, but these measurements will help avoid awkward appearances. You can measure this by taking the distance from the sofa's front edge to the seat cushions' edge. Generally, you want this distance to be only a few centimetres unless you want an avant-garde feel.

Similarly, seat depth is another crucial measurement that can go unnoticed initially. Measure the depth of the seating area from the front to the back. You want a depth of around 50 to 60 centimetres for a comfortable fit to swap out cushions as needed.

Documenting Your Measurements

While taking measurements for your sectionals, it is crucial to write them all down. Whether you use a notepad and pencil or your phone,  getting every dimension will help guide you later while shopping.

We also recommend supplementing your written measurements with photos or tape in your living room to help you further visualize how a new couch would fit.

When to Seek Professional Guidance

Learning how to measure a sectional sofa is relatively straightforward. However, there are a few situations where the advice of a professional can help you find the perfect fit.

If your living room has an unconventional design, such as alcoves, angled walls, or slopes, asking someone knowledgeable about interior layouts can help you take accurate measurements. 

The same is true for extremely tight spaces, such as doorways, hallways, or low ceilings, as you may need assistance with delivery to get your couch into your home.

Note that a professional does not refer solely to an interior designer. Many furniture store retailers have staff members who are similarly knowledgeable and can provide you with the same guidance.

More Advice on Picking the Perfect Sectional Sofa

We have covered everything you need to know about how to measure a sectional couch, but dimensions aren’t the only thing to consider while shopping. Let’s look at a few other things to weigh while shopping, from design to cost.

Aesthetic Considerations

One vital reason to measure a sectional is to ensure that everything flows visually.

Matching your couch to the rest of your living room furniture is an excellent idea. If you are revamping your furniture entirely or moving into a new place, you can also shop based on theme and compliment your couch with additional pieces later.

Be sure to consider factors like the colour and style of fabric to match the palette of your room and the shape of your sofa. L-shaped sectionals are great for modern designs, while U-shaped or curved sectionals offer plenty of seating if you plan to host parties.

Lifestyle and Usage

Consider how you plan to use your sofa regularly. 

Do you have a large home and a big family? A sectional with extra seating can be an excellent choice for hosting guests. Some sectionals even come with fold-out beds for extended visits.

Do you live alone or with a partner and plan to stay in most nights? Sectionals with reclining sections and other relaxation features can help you wind down after a long day.

Finally, consider whether you need extra storage. You can easily find sectionals with hidden storage compartments to avoid purchasing an extra set of drawers or cabinets.

The Budget Side of Things

Another critical factor to remember is how much you plan to spend. Determine how much you can and are willing to part ways with for a brand-new sectional. If you are replacing all your living room furniture simultaneously, we recommend using anywhere from 20 to 40% of your overall budget on your couches.

Remember that many retailers offer flexible financing plans. If you see a sofa that catches your eye, you can always spread out the cost to upgrade your living space immediately without putting a massive hole in your bank account.

Working With a Reliable Furniture Provider

The most critical factor to consider when shopping for sectional sofas is who you shop with. There are plenty of furniture stores, but finding one that offers high-quality products, luxurious styles, and reasonable prices can take time and effort.

Sectionals are a significant investment, and shopping from brands with a reputation for expert construction will allow you to keep your sofa in pristine condition for years.

Where can you find a set of centrepiece couches for your living room, anyway?

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Final Thoughts on How to Measure a Sectional Couch

Overall, measuring a sectional is critical to finding the perfect fit for your living room. Start with the basics like height, depth, and length, and consider entryways like hallways, stairwells, and doorways to ensure a smooth delivery.

If you enjoyed our guide on how to measure a sectional sofa, visit our blog for more! Other articles on furniture include instructions on how to use massage chairs, how to choose a massage chair, and a guide to different types of beds.

Otherwise, if you are ready to transform your living room with a comfortable and luxurious sofa, our Kelowna furniture store is the perfect place to shop. Browse our inventory or talk to our friendly team for personalized recommendations today!

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